Group Fitness with Layla Luciano

50 minutes of HIIT full body workout using Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Rowers, TRX, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls and Plyo Boxes

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6AM

Tuesday and Thursday 5PM

Lifetime Athletic at SKY


50 minutes of kickboxing circuits and strength training circuits with dumbbells and kettlebells

Fridays 12:30PM



The unique workout combines: 

Kickboxing and MMA strike training on a Nexersys machine & Hykso Punch Trackers that calculates the number of strikes, accuracy, speed and power


Full body functional training using sliders, Bosu ball, resistance bands, agility ladders, medicine balls and kettlebells. This part of the workout concentrates on mobility, balance, strength and coordination to maximize form, speed and power.

Saturday & Sunday 12:45PM